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Transform lives and boost self-esteem with our high-quality personal coloring products. 8 years promoting consultants
of images to shine in the personal coloring market!

We are 100% Brazil

We are a reference in the personal color market in Brazil and we export our products and methodology all over the world! We are proud to take our bossa-infused coloring to other parts of the world. Be part of our history!

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Quality x Precision

We were pioneers in launching the first double-sided personal coloring sheets! More complete and full of charm!


Staining with Bossa

100% Brazilian

We are recognized worldwide for the Brazilian personal coloring concept, full of bossa and creativity! Our materials and courses are 100% authentic and Brazilian!

Who we are

simplified step by step

Single Methodology

Our materials were developed with the aim of simplifying personal coloring, making it more intuitive and assertive.

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